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Never Giving Up

 “We tend not to express our pain,” said Sarah. “We were raised to think that such behavior would make us look weak and pitiful.”Sarah (not her real name) is...

From Idlib to Aleppo

On May 17, 2017, when the truce came into effect in Idlib, I decided to take my son and go to Aleppo to obtain passports in the hope we...

Divorced for Failing to Have Children

My sister Amani got married when she was just 16. At first, she seemed to be very happy. She loved her husband and he loved her back. However, two...

The Fate of a Girl

I was very fond of Zara, the 15-year-old daughter of one of my neighbours. Everyone could see how beautiful and intelligent she was. Her parents had been displaced from...

Sold by Islamic State

Raghda was 11 years old when she was kidnapped by Islamic State (IS) fighters on August 3, 2014. Over the next three years, her captors would sell her 16...

Civil Society Monitor

IS Redeploys in Deir ez-Zor?

Reports from Deir-ez-Zor appear to indicate that the Islamic State (IS) may be attempting to recoup its fortunes in the area. IS had been beaten back by both regime...

Idlib Hospitals on the Brink of Collapse

Souad al-Masri had just left the national hospital in Maarat an-Numan where her 13-year-old son Mounir was receiving treatment, when the building was hit by an airstrike. “When I...

A Better Shelter for the Displaced

A project in western Aleppo Rif has helped accommodate hundreds of families displaced from the north and south of the area. The Shelter project has been particularly important at...

What if Idlib falls?

A few kilometers away from the frontline battle in South Eastern Rif Idlib, entire areas are lost as Baath party forces and their allies advance. Villages and towns fall...

Syria: Kafr Nabel Clinic Provides Vital Vaccinations

Rawan al-Junaid, 24, says that she no longer feels she has to worry so much about her baby Amjad’s health. The one-year-old boy has now had all his immunisations...

Daily Life

No Dream Impossible in Idlib

Children in the village of Termanin in the northern Idlib Rif took part in an activity designed to encourage them to pursue their dreams despite the conditions imposed by...

Idlib’s Child Protection Network

Bilal, 14, chose to run away from home rather than continue suffering the daily beatings at the hands of his father. As well as enduring violence at home in...

Helping the Displaced in Saraqeb

When Ali al-Homsi, 30, sought refuge in Saraqeb city, he had no idea of the bureaucratic problems life as a displaced person would bring. “I was only newly married...

A Safe Haven For Those Fleeing IS

“I will put lipstick and eyeliner on, then smoke and wear whatever I want; I will go to parks and dance at weddings and maybe in public squares. The...

Too Late to Get Married

Hana Said Ibrahim, 43, still dreams of getting married. The business and economics graduate who works as a senior government official in Qamishli city, said that her father had...

Women's Blog

Women are among the hardest-hit by the war in Syria, yet many play vital roles in the struggle for human rights, gender equality, reconciliation and social justice.

The Syria Stories Women’s Blogs provides a space for female writers to share their experiences of conflict and daily life both in Syria or as refugees abroad.

Most of them have had no previous experience of formal writing, but now have a platform where they can publish their views amid ongoing atrocities, mass displacement, collapsing public services, and personal tragedies.

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Independent media workers face extreme threats both inside and outside the country, yet journalism has a vital, unique role to play in uncovering atrocities, abuses and lies.

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