From Siege to Displacement

Residents forcibly evacuated from the last opposition-held neighbourhood in Homs have found refuge in Zawghara camp, in the Aleppo countryside near Jarabulus.

Waer al-Homsihad been under siege since 2013 until last year when an agreement was reached with the regime under which some residents could leave voluntarily. However, the remaining residents were also made to leave after this deal was implemented. Sent to the northern countryside of Aleppo, these internally displaced people (IDPs) say that few preparations were made for their arrival and that they face harsh living conditions.  

Abu Ahmed, a 61-year-old from Waer al-Homsi, said, “The officials in Jarabulus told us that we would be living in private caravans, but now we live in small tents lacking water and electricity, in addition to the lack of food aid.”

Omar Yussef visited Zawghara camp, which houses about 5000 IDPs, mostly women and children. He returned with these pictures.