Good Earnings from Small Projects

Abu Ahmed was forced to have both legs amputated after he was injured in a bombing. The 50-year-old was left unable to work and his family had no source of income until they were helped by the Good Earning project.


The charity, organised by the Al-Sham humanitarian foundation and supported by the Qatari RaF foundation, works to support poor people and those with special needs by financing projects to help them become self-sufficient.  


Abu Ahmed’s family was loaned the money to buy a small flock of sheep.

“I’ve received enough sheep feed to last six months, in addition to treatments which the donor takes care of,” Abu Ahmed said. “My wife and children will raise these sheep, we will sell their products and we won’t need to rely on anyone’s help in the future.”


The RaF foundation provides loans ranging from between 1,500 and 2,000 US dollars to help those in need start their own projects. After repaying just 25 per cent of the loan value during the first year, recipients become the owners of their project.


Hamza al-Hazzaa, 39, the manager of Al-Sham’s Idlib office said, “Each beneficiary has the right to choose the project they want to be their source of livelihood so as to lift them out of poverty.”


“People with special needs, the poor and amputees who were unable to work have benefited the most from the projects,” he continued. “The projects vary between sheep and cattle farming, making scent, growing herbs and running generators as well as shops or libraries.”