Syrian government websites under attack

SMN No. 8, August 25, 2010

Syrian hackers are increasingly accessing governmental websites to express their discontent with the living situation in the country.

According to the local website Syria News, the official website of the ministry of electricity was hacked on August 23 by a Syrian hacktivist who complained about repetitive power cuts during the month of Ramadan.

“Until when are you going to cut the electrical power? We are in 2010 and you are still cutting it,” said the hacker in a note he posted on the ministry’s website.

This is the second time that the ministry’s website is attacked by computer hackers for a similar reason.

The ministry denied its website came under attack despite a snapshot of the website with the hacker’s note posted along the Syrian News article.

Few days earlier, the news website said that a young Syria expatriated hacker had apparently managed to access the website of the ministry of transportation.

It claimed that the hacker, who called himself “Syria’s hawk”, left a message on the ministry’s site calling on officials to pay attention to the situation and needs of Syrian youth.

The note described youth as “the treasure of the nation” and urged authorities to stop the brain drain.

Last month, hackers also attacked the website of the state university of Damascus and left a note saying, “stop wasting our time and teach us something useful.”