Civil March for Aleppo Arrives in Beirut

A group of civil activists in Europe has completed a civil march for Aleppo that began in the German capital Berlin in December 2016 and crossed 11 countries before arriving in Lebanon.

The group was hoping to raise awareness about the crisis in Syria and help encourage the international community to end the war and deliver aid to the civilians affected.

The 400-strong march, which included some Syrian refugees, arrived in Lebanon on August 4 and held a press conference at the Zico House in Beirut’s Sanayeh district, also attended by Syrian and Lebanese activists.

Interview 1: Anna Alboth, Polish journalist, blogger and one of the march’s founders talked about attracting participants through social media.

Interview 2: Alexander Stotkiewitz, another founder, also spoke about the members of the initiative and how they came up with the idea.

Interview 3: Beski Salem, a civil society activist from Aleppo, talked about the importance of such initiatives in establishing community spirit and unity.