Qamishli’s Museum of Kurdish Heritage

Mohammed Sabri founded the Martyr Farhad’s Museum of Kurdish Heritage in Qamishli two years ago.

The museum, portrays the traditional Kurdish way of life and is named in honour of his son Farhad.

Filled with antique items Sabri has collected over the past two decades, the exhibits include weapons, hunting and construction tools, as well as objects bought by Kurdish brides-to-be as part of their trousseau.

For the past two years Sabri has opened the doors of his private museum to the general public for three days each week.

His visitors have included politicians and civil society activists, but Sabri told Damascus Bureau that he was particularly happy when young people came to the museum.

He said he took great pleasure in telling them all about Kurdish history, heritage and folklore.

Damascus Bureau’s Shafan Ibrahim visited the Martyr Farhad’s Museum of Kurdish Heritage and took the following photographs.