Friday of Defiance

Background, Facts and Figures

Day of Protest: Today it is the 56th day of Demonstration In Syria

Death Toll: So far Security Forces and the army have killed more than 560 people. However this is only the number of martyrs who have been identified. It doesn’t include the martyrs from Daraa’s attack and siege.

Arrest and Torture: Over the last weeks more than 8000 people have been randomly arrested and tortured.

Under Siege: Three cities have been under siege by military and security forces: Daraa in the south (under siege for 11 days, Duma near Damascus and Banyas at the coast.

The massacre of Daraa: several human right groups and eyewitness from within Daraa claim that there has been massive brutal killing by military and secret police in the town. The Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) has evidence that at least 244 dead bodies haven been transferred over a two day time period from Daraa to a hospital in Damascus.

Today: Protests are expected to be held all over the country.

Videos and Footages: For footage and videos on the protest we recommend the following two youtube channels:

For new pictures check out Malath Aumran’s facebook page:

The news update is gathered by a group of Syrian activists and Human Rights Group working together under the name SyrianJasmine.