Helping Children with Special Needs in Idlib’s Countryside

Children with special needs living in Idlib’s countryside can now access therapeutic support from two centres run by  UOSSM International.

One project in the town of Kah provides services to the northern Idlib countryside and another in Bsekla deals with the needs of the southern countryside.

Both centres also provide transportation for the children to and from therapy sessions, and provide extra services for their families too.

Khaled al-Ahmed, who works in the Bsekla centre, said, “The project offers a lot of support to children with special needs aged between four and 15 years. A specialised work team supports the children according to their needs, including those with autism, Down’s syndrome, speech disorders and learning disabilities.”

He continued, “The team is working on creating a monthly overall plan for each child through which he or she will be taught cognitive, linguistic, mobility, social and independence skills. The goal is to make each child capable of relying on himself to meet his  daily needs and communicate with those around him, to achieve the best level of psychological and social rapport they can.”